Photo Submission Guide

“How do I submit good photos for my commission,” you ask? Here’s a handy dandy guide to follow. Please review the photo examples and their captions for guidance on what types of photos do and don’t work.

I am looking forward to seeing beautiful photos of your special pets! Submit photos to


RobiniArt Good Resolution Sample
USE A GOOD QUALITY CAMERA. Make sure the camera has high enough resolution that can take large photos. Upload the original size photo, and do not resize.
RobiniArt Good Lighting Sample
ENSURE GOOD LIGHTING It’s best to take photos in daylight, outdoor conditions. Avoid direct sunlight. Avoid evening times and dark shadows. Ensure correct exposure, so that the photos are neither too bright nor too dark. Avoid posing the pet on brightly colored backgrounds, try white or neutral surroundings. Avoid using built-in flash.
RobiniArt Good Framing Sample
FRAME PHOTOS CORRECTLY. Avoid long shots. Ensure that whole of the body is framed with little background around it. This utilizes the full resolution of the picture.
RobiniArt Good Angle Sample
NO BAD ANGLES PLEASE! This is pretty self-explanatory. Haha! But seriously, please do not send photos of your pet being cradled in someone’s arms, sleeping, rolling on their back, swimming, etc., unless that’s how you want the painting to look. I’m a pretty darn good artist, but I can’t take a photo of your dog swimming and paint him/her in a front facing portrait. I need to see their shining faces!
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