Shell Shocked

I’m starting a portrait of this kitty soon. His name is Yuri, and this is the only photo I have of him to work from for his custom pet portrait. This was the photo his future owner saw when he was up for adoption, and she knew she had to bring him home and comfort him from whatever trauma he was living through at the time. Haha! Litty guy needed some love!

Come back in the next month or so to see my custom portrait of Yuri progress through its stages of completion!

Where I Work

Here is where I sit every day and paint for you in the beautiful Colorado town of Paonia. My vintage drafting table is strong, sturdy, weathered and old, with a long drawer for stashing extras. Its paint-covered surface would make for a beautiful abstract painting. I always keep my lucky cat with me while I work, to bring good luck.

I’ve worked at this table in front of nine different windows in nine different homes over the past nine years. Out of curiosity, I searched for information on the number 999 and discovered that it is very daydreamy and interesting! It is an “angel number”. Who knew there was such a thing? According to this link, my angels are preparing good things for me, and I should be happy. Well, alrighty then! I am!

I stand on top of my old table to close the curtains each night and wonder when I’ll be too old to hop up there, or when the table will be too tired to hold me.

Enjoy the tour!

Killer Poodle

I watch dogs in my home for fun money, and I absolutely LOVE it. I get to spend time with all shapes, sizes, temperaments and ages of dogs, and then I send them back to their loving homes. It’s an absolutely perfect situation for me and a great way to decide what type of dog I want to adopt someday. Today, I’m wondering if “Killer Poodle” is on my dog breed short list?

I woke up this morning, excited to welcome two tiny, toy poodles to my casa for the next four days. I had visions of curling up with the little fluff balls and a plush blanket in my cozy living room, watching Netflix and sneaking them tiny snacks from my plate so that they’d love me forever.

Instead, in the first hour, they discovered an avocado pit in my compost pile and are making it their slimy toy for a fun new game called “Keep away from Robin”. Then, they found an exciting pile of racoon poop to lounge around on . . . and THEN, for their pre-lunch pièce de résistance . . . . “LOOK, ROBIN! I can carry this giant grasshopper around in my mouth for up to 30 minutes at a time! And, IT’S STILL ALIVE! Woo hooooooo!”

Dogs . . . . they remind me to laugh at life, love its unexpected surprises and relish in its excitement. Have a happy day today, everyone, and live it like a dog (or a Killer Poodle!) if you can, even for just a moment! Now that I say that, I think I’ll run outside and find a large grasshopper to hold between my front teeth for a good half hour.

Schnoodle Time!

I’m gathering my thoughts towards a new custom painting of a Schnoodle (Schnauzer + Poodle) from Indianapolis, Indiana. Her name is Scarlett, and she’s the prettiest little gal. Look at her precious face!

Scarlett’s human mom is my dear friend of forty (FORTY!) years, Shannon Linker. Shannon is the Vice President of Artist Engagement and the Director of Gallery 924 at the Arts Council of Indianapolis, and also has a pretty face. Just sayin’. 🙂

I’ll post progress of this portrait as it progresses. It’s going to be a fun one! To commission a portrait of YOUR sweet-faced fur baby, click here.

Brain Break!

The Gods of art conspired to give me a work break this week! Granted, I wish that I hadn’t had to have six stitches in my thumb to get it (thanks, wine glass stem), but still . . . my first real work break since 2012! And, to make it even sweeter, I got a surprise income injection via the sale of two large abstracts. AND . . . I met a boy. Lol! It was a time filled with blood, wine, friends, art sales, hikes, disc golf (thumb and all), poodles and lies about Chris Cornell. Thanks, Universe! I owe ya one! 

This original abstract is sold, but you can buy prints by clicking here. Enjoy!

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