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RobiniArt portrait of Camille by Robin Arthur


Posted by Robin on  April 20, 2022
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Please enjoy this video of my charming portrait of a pretty young woman named Camille. In the video, I talk about different visual elements in the painting, the various materials I used in its production and the methods I used to create the finished work of art. This painting was created in my home studio in Paonia, Colorado, but will hang in the beautiful Pacific Northwest region of the United States. My collector asked me

How to Frame Art Prints!

Posted by Robin on  March 16, 2022
Category: Advice
Howdy, friends! I’ve recently gotten a lot of questions on how to frame the art prints that I sell at www.RobiniArt.etsy.com. I offer reproductions of my artwork in standard sizes in order to make frame buying easier for you, but there are still a few other decisions to make when framing such as: Should I buy a mat and a frame? What size mat should I buy? What type of frame should I get? What

My Feature Article on Shoutout Colorado!

Posted by Robin on  January 14, 2022
Category: Artists and Artwork
The artist’s life is a quiet life. We work most of our time alone, in silence. So, every now and then, when the world reaches in and grabs us, we reach back! I was recently interviewed by the magazine Shoutout Colorado in their “Meet the Artist” section. They wanted to know how I began my career as a pet portrait artist and what it’s like to be a painter on the Western Slope of Colorado. I

RobiniArt in Telluride, Colorado – Gondola Art!

Posted by Robin on  December 23, 2021
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After several months of behind-the-scenes work and collaboration, the Town of Mountain Village, Mountain Village Owners Association and Telluride Arts announced the official unveiling of The Cabins Public Art Installation. Visit my “Josey Wales” Polish Rooster on a gondola dining cabin along with ten others that have been adorned with the art of local and regional artists placed throughout Heritage, Village Pond, Reflection and Sunset plazas for the duration of the winter in the beautiful, snowy

New Place to Purchase My Art!

Posted by Robin on  November 12, 2021
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Introducing a brand new place for purchasing my art on paper and canvas, framed or unframed. I’m creating a new gallery of work for you at an international printing company’s website. It’s called Geogalleries, and it features my work along with many other artists! Visit now to see all the RobiniArt you can handle! Chickens Abstracts Dogs Cats Wildlife Farm Animals Photography Magical Creatures Floral Mod Blobs! Landscapes I’m adding new work all the time,
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