Killer Poodle

I watch dogs in my home for fun money, and I absolutely LOVE it. I get to spend time with all shapes, sizes, temperaments and ages of dogs, and then I send them back to their loving homes. It’s an absolutely perfect situation for me and a great way to decide what type of dog I want to adopt someday. Today, I’m wondering if “Killer Poodle” is on my dog breed short list?

I woke up this morning, excited to welcome two tiny, toy poodles to my casa for the next four days. I had visions of curling up with the little fluff balls and a plush blanket in my cozy living room, watching Netflix and sneaking them tiny snacks from my plate so that they’d love me forever.

Instead, in the first hour, they discovered an avocado pit in my compost pile and are making it their slimy toy for a fun new game called “Keep away from Robin”. Then, they found an exciting pile of racoon poop to lounge around on . . . and THEN, for their pre-lunch pièce de résistance . . . . “LOOK, ROBIN! I can carry this giant grasshopper around in my mouth for up to 30 minutes at a time! And, IT’S STILL ALIVE! Woo hooooooo!”

Dogs . . . . they remind me to laugh at life, love its unexpected surprises and relish in its excitement. Have a happy day today, everyone, and live it like a dog (or a Killer Poodle!) if you can, even for just a moment! Now that I say that, I think I’ll run outside and find a large grasshopper to hold between my front teeth for a good half hour.

Luka the Border Collie

I recently completed a custom commission of a happy Border Collie from Dallas, TX named Luka. I filled the canvas with all the warm, cheery colors of Texas and included prickly pear cactus paddle and my signature daisy flowers. I also added butterflies and spiders to keep Luka company.

Please enjoy these photos of my portrait process! To commission a portrait like this of your pet, please visit the Custom Pet Portrait section of my Etsy store or learn more by clicking here.

Reach out to me via this contact form with any questions!

New Chicken Art Prints!

I painted a new Polish Chicken and his name is Todd. Lol! The original is on its way to my cousin in Katy, TX. Her husband’s name is Todd so. . . . . she needed it. She did, y’all!

You can purchase prints of sweet Todd at my Etsy store on either wrapped canvas that arrives ready-to-hang or on lucious, bright white fine art paper. Click here to search for Todd on different background colors or feel free to suggest your favorite color to me, and I’ll do one custom, just for you!

I discovered a whole world of chicken lovers on Facebook a while back. There are literally hundreds of different Facebook groups and pages devoted to chickens of all kinds: Frizzles, Polish, silkies, Sussex, Chochin, Plymouth Rock . . . and on and on and on.

These birds are gorgeous! And, they make great pets! Chickens as pets are becoming more and more popular these days. They’re a great way to teach children where their eggs come from, and their quirky personalities are super entertaining.

One of my chicken portraits was recently featured on the cover of the San Diego Reader for a story about the rise in popularity of the backyard chicken. Click here to read the story. Here’s the pretty lady that they featured. Her title is “Pink Lady” and you can buy prints of her by clicking here.

Pink and Read Chicken by RobiniArt
Portrait of a pink and red chicken by Robin Arthur, aka RobiniArt

Browse for your favorite RobiniArt chicken print today at www.RobiniArt.etsy.com. Enjoy!!!!

Zinnia Offering

I arranged my final summer zinnia cuttings today in for a little private ceremony I call “Winter, please be my friend and don’t be too hard on me this year.” Haha!

These flowers have been bringing me delight for months, but it’s time to say goodbye. Out in my yard, I’m leaving their dried remnants for the birds and compost, with thoughts of spring closeby. Inside, I’m hanging onto the last bits of summer via this row of happy vases sent from my mother and sister in Texas.

Any of you who follow my animal art know that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE daisies, zinnia and echinacea flowers and use the in practically every painting I create. Obsession is OK when it’s pretty, right (wink)? Lol!

I baked a pie, y’all!

I live in an abundant valley full of fruit orchards. What else am I supposed to do in the fall but bake some pies? Haha! Look at this perfect apple pie. I just had my first bite. It is so good – seasoned with sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and lime. The world may be chaotic, but I have this pie and coffee in a pretty dragonfly mug by Chaucy Pottery. Click the photo for sumptuous apple pie recipes at www.allrecipes.com. Have a happy day, y’all!

Great Dane Goodies!

One Dane at a Time, Inc. is hosting an online auction to raise money for Great Dane rescue efforts, and my art is included! You’ll find it, and all kinds of other gifts for dog lovers at their online auction group on Facebook.

I donated a print of my sugar skull Great Dane and have heard that it’s already raised money for the cause. Woohoo!

Great Dane custom painting by RobiniArt, ©RobiniArt 2016

There are SO MANY other fun gifts for dog lovers of all breeds, and the money goes to a great cause! Here are a few of my favorite items. Please click here to see all of them! Happy bidding!

And, as always, learn about commissioning a custom portrait of your pet by clicking here and shop for my art on paper and canvas prints by clicking here. Enjoy!

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