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New Place to Purchase My Art!

Posted by admin on  November 12, 2021
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Introducing a brand new place for purchasing my art on paper and canvas, framed or unframed. I’m creating a new gallery of work for you at an international printing company’s website. It’s called Geogalleries, and it features my work along with many other artists! Visit now to see all the RobiniArt you can handle! Chickens Abstracts Dogs Cats Wildlife Farm Animals Photography Magical Creatures Floral Mod Blobs! Landscapes I’m adding new work all the time,

Sharing is Caring!

Posted by admin on  October 30, 2021
Category: Artists and Artwork
I just want to take a minute to share the work of my friend Raven Rohrig. She’s a fellow artist here in Colorado, and juggles all of her jobs (artist, mommy and wife!) with grace and a smile. Learn all about Raven’s work at www.RavenRohrig.com and follow her on Instagram and Facebook!
RobiniArt Renaissance Comparison Samples

Italian Renaissance Influence

Posted by admin on  June 15, 2021
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For the art history buffs . . . an illustration of how the Italian Renaissance influences my work, with an accompanying link in my bio (https://linktr.ee/RobiniArt) to an essay by Nicole Smith about how this era’s “dawning recognition of human potential and scientific inquiry shaped the course of Western history and does still influence contemporary American culture today.” According to the author, “With their emphasis on Renaissance humanism and a new, more balanced approach to

The Hike – Now Available

Posted by admin on  March 1, 2021
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I just created an earthy, shady, dewy, puffy-clouded abstract entitled “The Hike”, and it’s available now at my online gallery by clicking here. It was inspired by my drive on a rutted, dirt course through aspen forests and ferns on a scenic, iconic road called Kebler Pass between Paonia and Crested Butte, CO. If you view the slideshow below, you can catch a bit of my artistic process. I first paint a brightly colored layer of movement and color

Goldendoodle Portrait

Posted by admin on  February 24, 2021
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All done with my portrait of Maple the Goldendoodle! I was commissioned to paint this portrait by a family in Illinois for their 10 year old daughter’s birthday. Lucky girl! The timeline was very tight for me to get this done in just a few weeks – especially for one this large at 36″x36″. I typically have to ask collectors to wait up to six months to a year before I start their paintings. Fortunately
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